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We have been providing top-quality, foreign language translations for our clients since 1992. Because of our extensive experience, we can deliver high-quality translations within a short time and at reasonable prices. Our priority has always been to satisfy the customer, which is reflected in our individual approach. Like our many existing clients, we are confident that you will be satisfied with our services.

What types of services do we offer?

  • Technical translations - from various kinds of industries, such as user's manuals, operator's handbooks, operating instructions, service booklets, repair time standards, workshop manuals, spare parts catalogues, warranty terms, functional descriptions, specifications, mounting instructions, technical requirements, technical standards and regulations, drawing documentation, bills of materials, safety data sheets, technological procedures, quality control, quality certificates, safety precautions, check lists, worksheets, try-outs, measuring and test engineering, test certificates, research & development, check inspections, etc.
  • Business translations - sales and marketing, advertising, financing, banking, accounting, contracts, agreements, financial reports, statements, annual reports, minutes of meetings, audits, economic results, opinions and analysis, pricing, quotations, inquiries, orders, vendor rating, actions and measures, sales conditions, commercial terms, complaint procedures, purchase and claim rules, logistics and support, company management, human resources, public relations, marketing analyses, etc.
  • Translations of legal documents - legal agreements, acts, laws, directives, declarations, clauses, public notices, protocols, statements, decisions, memoranda of association and articles, audits, certificates, rules and orders, etc.
  • Specialized translations - advertising and promotional actions, presentations, websites, prospectus, brochures, press releases, newspapers and magazines articles, diploma, bachelor and seminar works, training and exercise texts, travels, geography, software and hardware, information technology
  • EU projects and programs - grants, offers, applications
  • Translations of all kinds of private and business correspondence
  • Proofreading by native speakers (Czech, English, German - print preparation)
  • Transcriptions and processing of Czech or foreign language texts in a graphic lay-out already prepared or the desktop publishing (DTP), i.e. preparation of a graphic lay-out required with the incorporation of illustrations, diagrams, charts, etc. in the respective program with possibility of the high-quality print securing according to specific customer's requirements.
  • Use of CAT tools - TRADOS.

Orders Possibilities and Delivery Terms

  • You can send the document to be translated via e-mail or using our on-line order service
  • You can send it by post
  • You can bring it personally - on diskettes, CDs, DVDs or printed / handwritten papers
  • The completed translations can be returned by e-mail or post as required. Delivery terms are possible within 6, 12 or 24 hours without any special express surcharges.


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ALL PRINT překladatelská činnost - překlady angličtina, němčina | Pavel Jalůvka ALL PRINT překladatelská činnost - překlady angličtina, němčina | Pavel Jalůvka ALL PRINT překladatelská činnost - překlady angličtina, němčina | Pavel Jalůvka

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